Godbe Research / Labor Market Information / Techniques

Godbe Research provides full service research options for workforce and economic development agencies looking for answers to strategic planning and labor market information questions. Achieving this level of understanding comes from determining employer’s current and expected workforce needs, the changing conditions of the labor economy, the existing workforce skills, and the ability of the region to train and educate the upcoming workforce. Godbe Research has been recognized nationally for producing results-oriented research, and utilizes both secondary and primary research techniques.

Occupational Gap Analysis
Determining whether the available capacity to train and educate individuals in a given region is adequate in meeting occupational or industry demand for the future.

Industry and Occupational Skills Assessment
Identifying skills and areas of knowledge employers perceive as the most important for a given industry and occupation, including areas current employees and applicants are most deficient in.

Industry/Cluster Specific Employment Forecasting
Creating cluster profiles of employers hiring and growth expectations, employee development programs, infrastructure needs and desires,and promotion preferences.

Education and Training Development
Assisting regional educational and training providers with curricula development designed to meet employers’ needs today and in the future.

Market Research to Support Grant Funding
Providing statistically valid labor market research for strategic planning purposes and supporting grant proposals to increase economic and workforce development funding opportunities.

Public Policy Implementation
Using labor market research assessments and evaluations to assist in the development of public policy procedures for both business and labor councils.

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